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In-game evolution

We just got some really interesting feedback on Facebook (thanks Audioforge Labs) - and we wanted to expand on it here, as I'm sure this will be useful for more of our Testers:


"Going for a run, claiming territory works as expected. Good job! After three days, I have collected enough coins to purchase everything that is available. I can already go for runs whenever I want, and pretty much for how long I want. This means at this stage, long term game play is not really there. I mean sure, I can increase my kingdom, but what for? There is no real incentive. I am aware that you are going to add more expensive options for the crest but right now, three days is all you need. I would suggest to increase the amount of time for coins collection. Collecting coins every hour yields in a lot of coins, very quickly. Maybe once every 8 hour or so would make much more sense to slow things down a bit. Working towards a new crest animal should take a few days for simple ones and should require a rather big empire for the more elaborate ones that are hopefully coming soon. Right now, there is not enough players in my area to have immediate skirmishes. I will go for a long run soon and conquer some hostile territory. Maybe that will open up a new dimension that I might be missing right now. I know you are still working on this. So I am hopeful that things will become more exciting soon!"

Yeah, there will be a lot more incentives - we've only released the very early-level shield quadrants and supporters. These current ones are meant to be fairly easy to get for new players, but we'll very soon be adding the higher levels. We guarantee it's going to take much harder work to get a wolf or a dragon!

We're also testing a more complex achievements tracking system, our Beta Testers will be seeing a first iteration of that quite soon.

With regard to players in an area - that is of course due to get better and more competitive as we launch in each territory and more and more players join in!


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for pointing me here.
    What might not have been clear is that I am using the app from the App Store. I am not in the beta.
    So, I do not have access to any test flight based feedback system.

    I like the game idea and execution but encourage you to make sure the long term game play is in place before you launch in important markets. And again, I do understand that you need to tweak the shield supporters but just adding a whole bunch more (not too shiny ones) but at least something to keep players busy until further game play has been established. With game balance, you have to go hard on the motivation/frustration line to be successful. Right now, it's way too easy.
  • Hi @audioforge - thanks for getting back to us!

    Sorry about that - you can always get back to us via or of course here! We're building in a contact button as well, in the Settings menu.

    We absolutely agree with you that more shield elements are needed and we're working to get more in as soon as possible. In the meantime, progression should very much still exist & evolve in your total number of hexes conquered!
  • Love the game. But it is too easy. if you have time you can run all day once you have enough territory. I think that it should cost a lot more to buy more running time. Or restrict to one hour a day otherwise it takes one guy who has too much free time to totally dominate an area.

    Keep up the good work.
  • Thanks for your thoughts @bigddaplayer!

    We are exploring a lot of routes around tweaking the cost of extending a run and/or removing the cooldown - it's quite tricky to get the balance right between discouraging regular runners from playing the game and limiting heavy players' conquests.

    In the meantime there are already things working against you if you play like that, apart from the cooldown removal and run time extension costs - e.g. if you just run around to fortify your hexes you earn fewer coins than for raiding someone else's...
  • Yep, I'll echo everyone else and put my thoughts in.

    The coin values for resetting the timer need to be tweaked a bit. Right now, under ideal circumstances I can capture about 500 tiles per run. It only costs me 5-600 coins to reset my timer, so there's basically no penalty to me for resetting the timer if I can make the coins right back on a run.

  • Firstly Awesome Game!! Used to love Risk when I was younger and this has truly changed where, when and how long I run (the dogs buggered most days) Can anyone explain how the leaderboard and game points work? I'm running regularly and there seems to be no change.
  • @lifix You're very right, this is something you'll see changes on fairly soon!

    @dog_gone_dude Thanks for your support! Are you referring to the hex-specific leaderboards, or the game centre one?

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