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*Solved* iOS10 Bug

edited September 2016 in Bugs
Hello Conquerers!

During our beta testing, we discovered a bug in iOS 10 that sometimes causes the app to crash whenever the screen is locked during a run.

Though we were able to identify and solve the problem quickly, pushing the fix to the App Store takes time (in fact, due to the large number of apps trying to update in time, we are in a longer queue than normal). We are currently waiting on approval from Apple, and expect the update to be available as early as tomorrow (but no later than the end of the week).

If you update to iOS 10 before the Run an Empire update is available, a temporary solution would be to keep your phone screen from locking during your run. We will update this post as soon as the new version is available, and we apologise for the inconvenience. Thank you to all our diligent beta testers for the feedback allowing us to get ahead of this release!

*Update (14/9 12pm): The latest version of the app (compatible with iOS10) is now available for download in the App Store.


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