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My Premier Business Today Gary Calhouns Grocery Business

My Premier Business Today - Gary Calhoun's Grocery Business: Earlier this week my friend Pat and I drove to Pensacola Florida to check out MPB Today, the new network marketing company with groceries as the product. With 40,000 reps already since launching in July, MPB Today is creating quite a buzz around the industry and we wanted to see first-hand what they're all about and meet the owner, Gary Calhoun. We met Jane, another team member from south Florida, who happened to have an appointment on Monday so we tagged along with her and spent 2 1/2 hours touring the office, meeting the staff, and talking with Gary, the owner. On Tuesday the day of our scheduled appointment, we met other team members, Rick, Mike, & George, from Mississippi and took the tour again with them, met the staff, and spent 3 hours talking with Gary Calhoun.

Ii think we were all a little surprised because we went down to check out MPB Today, the network marketing company which we were already more than a little excited about but we also discovered there's a lot more to this opportunity than we knew about. Southeastern Delivery Company, the parent company of MPB Today, has a story to get as excited about as the networking side of the company. I never knew groceries could be so exciting! Gary Calhoun, has been an entrepreneur since the days of solar panels and early cell phones. He has an ability to spot early trends in the market place, get involved at the beginning of a wave and have huge success with whatever he's involved with. His latest is home grocery delivery, a $1 billion dollar industry now and expected to go to $85 billion in the next few years. If you Google grocery delivery, or the future of home grocery delivery you'll probably be as 천안오피 as I was to learn how big and what demand this business already commands. Groceries are the product of MPB Today and you can purchase them in one of 3 ways: 1. Have them delivered 2. Pick them up from an MPB Hub 3. Receive an in store credit to purchase anything you want from Wal-Mart or Sam's Club.

Results of a national survey show the number 2 most disliked household chore is grocery shopping. It ranks right up there just below number 1 which is cleaning bathrooms! 60% of people surveyed dislike grocery shopping so much they would pay a delivery charge to have them delivered. There is an 80% customer retention rate in the grocery delivery business! How many other businesses can boast that number? A few companies already exist in this arena. Founded in 1989, Peapod is the country's oldest online grocery delivery service servicing over 7,000 customers a day according to their web site. They have a customer base in several states already. MPB Today is the marketing arm for Southeast Delivery and is building a customer base thru network marketing. Gary Calhoun gave this analogy... Imagine a ballgame and it starts to rain...several guys run out on the field pulling a large canvass to cover the field to protect it from getting wet. Gary says the guys pulling the canvass are MPB Today reps and the canvass is Southeastern Delivery. So we, the reps, are pulling Southeastern Delivery across America building a huge customer base and for that effort, in addition to our commissions and Wal-Mart gift cards (phase I of compensation plan) and leadership bonuses and company bonus pool, (phase II of compensation plan) we will be paid yet another residual commission on all our affiliates/customers grocery purchases (phase III of the compensation plan) in the future. Folks this is HUGE! Earning residual on groceries! And it's only going to get bigger and better. MPB Today launched July 1, 2010 and already has 40,000 affiliates, some now cycling several times a week. Phase II, the leadership bonuses just introduced were paid out Oct 10th for the month of September for the first time. Checks in the amount of $20,000, all the way down to a few hundred dollars were received this week in the mail by some very excited affiliates. Not too many companies I know of are paying, 12 weeks into launch, $20,000 monthly bonus already, in addition to cycling money! Keep in mind these are people who saw the program, caught the vision and went to work telling others about it. They built an organization of people and helped those people build their teams. Work = pay! And very good pay indeed with MPB Today.

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