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Boat Weddings - Lake Tahoe Weddings on the Water

Lake Tahoe weddings take place around the lake on the beaches, bluffs and bays, and weddings on the water are no exception. Boat weddings are quite popular in Tahoe and there is a large selection in the types of vessels you can choose from in order to make that walk into matrimony. Two of the larger and trendy crafts that you can pick from to float away on your wedding day are the renowned MS Dixie II and the Tahoe Queen.

The MS Dixie is a paddle wheeling boat that made its first appearance in Lake Tahoe in 1949. It was privately owned at the time but eventually became available to the public and is now a great tourist attraction as well as premier wedding location.

The MS Dixie sailed across the lake for decades carting touring vacationers and couples entering into matrimony until it was replaced by the up to date MS Dixie II in 1993. It presently is Tahoe's largest paddle wheeler and can carry 570 passengers. Marriages aboard this luxurious ship provide an experience that brides and grooms treasure forever.

The Tahoe Queen is another optimal paddle wheeling luxury liner lake maggiore evening cruise Tours can host your wedding day on the beautiful deep blue water of South Lake Tahoe. Built on the Mississippi River and than reconstructed after being transported to Tahoe, this magnificent craft is a lure for the sightseer and is a destination wedding attraction alike. Recent major renovations were performed upon this dinghy to reproduce the appeal and draw of the early 1900's when paddle wheelers were king.

Both of these state-of-the-art ships sail from the south shore of Lake Tahoe and you have the option to have your wedding occur while on a private cruise crossing the lake or at port prior to departure. Arranging for your ceremony to take place aboard these sumptuous paddle wheelers in the manner you choose can be accomplished through either the MS Dixie's or Tahoe Queen's sales representatives or a local wedding coordinating facilitator.

Some of the amenities available for your wedding once you board these grand cruisers are exclusive use of one of the boat decks, seating for guests, traditional music, carpeted aisle runner, and optional uniformed captain to perform the ceremony. Keep in mind, however, that if the ship's captain performs the ceremony you must obtain your marriage license yourself prior to the wedding. This can be easily done through any county clerk's office in the State of California.

If a private cruise was not chartered for the entire wedding event, an option for the bride, groom and guests after the ceremony is to celebrate the remainder of the occasion on the ships sunset dinner and dance cruise where you'll experience an amazing sunset, incredible views, elegant dining, and live music to dance the night away. The length of the cruise is approximately 2 hours, and the ship may either sail over to Emerald Bay or along the shore of Lake Tahoe. Whichever course is sailed, though, both offer a stylish evening of enchantment with a romantic touch newlyweds will forever cherish.
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