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Things You Must Understand About Acoustic Panels

Fear not. Soundproofing your room isn’t nearly as difficult as you’re probably imagining it to be. In order to create a great sound deadening barrier in your personal space, office, or home you’ll simply need to take a  bit of time to do a little bit of research and learn about the different types of soundproofing materials that are available.
Before you know it you’ll have enough information to finish your first soundproofing project without any professional help – not to mention at low cost. Sadly, some people fall into traps that cause them to take bad advice, ending in mistakes that are ultimately disastrous to their projects. The following are 5 mistakes you’ll need to avoid.

5. Avoiding Bad Advice
If something your family member of friend tells you seems to good (or cheap) to be true than it probably is. People will tell you to nail old carpets to the wall, use dark paint on the walls, or even pump cellulose materials into your drywall. Put this advice aside and invest in some good high-quality soundproofing materials. They’ll solve your soundproofing problems without making matters more difficult.

4. Avoid Involving Authorities
Unless your noise problem is being caused by truly unruly neighbors, drunk teenagers, or some other type of illegal activity you should probably avoid calling the police. They probably won’t be able to do much about the noise and, in the end, you’ll just make your neighbors angry. Then you’ll have to pray they’re not vindictive as well as noisy.

perforated acoustic panels

3. Don’t Jump to Conclusions
Do you really need to soundproof your home or could your problem be more easily solved some other way? Perhaps your neighbor doesn’t realize that their family game room window faces your master bedroom window. If you simply have a friendly conversation with your neighbor you may be able to find an amicable and peaceful alternative to soundproofing.


2. Hiring a Consultant
Simply put – don’t hire a consultant. You don’t need one. An acoustical consultant will look at your home, tell you things you could have found out on your own about where the noise is coming from , and then charge you by the hour for their services. All you need to do is keep reading soundproofing articles and pretty soon you’ll know as much as they do .

1. Making Assumptions
Don’t make assumptions when choosing a soundproofing technique. There are dozens of different soundproofing materials and installation methods and the first one you find may not be the best solution to your problem. You may need acoustical caulk, Green Glue, whisper clips, or any of a number of other materials to complete your project. Do your research, determine which is best, and then make sure you install it properly to avoid further problems.

Avoid these common soundproofing mistakes and you’re bound to have a soundproof home in no time flat.

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