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  • Hello @audioforge, Players level up based on XP (coins, runs, hexes, awards claimed, ect). So while claiming achievements contributes towards this, it is not the only criteria. As a reminder, this community board is not currently a live channel, …
  • Heya @mattdef11, We are currently doing some community and help centre maintenance/upgrading. We intend to evolve the community into a more user-discussion based platfrom, rather than a questions/answer board. Rather than take the site down in the …
  • @IronRunner we are currently exploring several different avenues for expansion. We are eager to get our American and global friends on the grids with us as well!
  • @IronRunner you can sign up at to receive updates when Run an Empire is available in your area!
  • Greetings Conquerers- The decay rate is 1CP/day. The darker the hex, the harder it will be to capture. Green for your empire, red for your opponents, white signifying a stalemate between you and another player.
  • Hey Guys, Thank you for the report, we have created a bug ticket and our devs are working on it!
  • Hello @mattdef11! Were you by any chance playing on the beta version before, and then updated to the live app store version?
  • Hi @mattdef11! At the moment we are only app-based, but we have received feedback from several users expressing an interest in a browser view of their empire. We are looking at making this a feature in future releases of the game. We love getting f…
  • Good spot, @audioforge and @cgrizz :-) Levels are indeed a feature coming to future releases of the game. We're working on tonne of great new game dynamics for you guys!
    in Levels? Comment by Mx_Hap September 2016
  • When you are on a run, you should see a green "+" next to the "Time Remaing" countdown in the top left corner of the screen. Have you checked to make sure you are on a current version of the beta?
  • Hello @cgrizz! We actually added that feature several updates ago, you should get an email from TestFlight whenever a new version is available. The current Beta Version is 1.6.4, and can be downloaded through your TestFlight app. If you are unable …
  • Hi @playross! First of all thank you for the download! At the moment we are actually only available for play on iPhone, so you would in fact need a phone in order to play the app. And no dummy questions here...we applaud your eagerness to go forth …
  • Hello @cgrizz, We test the app out on several different iPhone models here in the studio, but I think the SE may have eluded us. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will let our designers know! Cheers, Hap from Run an Empire
  • Hi @Monkeywiz! In order to close a loop, it does have to be all on the same run. But remember you can use coins to extend your run for longer than an hour!
  • Hi @lenarose, I'm so sorry you had a crash, we will try and figure out what happened. Can you please PM me your iOS and username? Thanks! Hap from Run an Empire
  • Hi @RunnyJafa, Sorry for the confusion. I thought you had to re-purchase the snails at 1,000 each, so that is what we refunded you. I will make up the difference now, you should be good to go when you restart your app. Happy Conquering!
  • Hey @RunnyJafa, Okay jut want to make sure we get you taken care of--on our end it is currently showing that you have snails in your repertoire. Can you confirm that you are able to access them? If not we will get it sorted out!
  • Hi @RunnyJafa! Our devs look into your account and it looks like you had to re-buy the snails, so we went ahead and refunded you 2000 coins. Sorry for the mix-up, thanks for bringing it to our attention! See you on the grid!
  • Hi @saldore! We totally agree, and actually released a similar concept in an original beta version of the game. The issue is that as the game became more popular, the empires became more and more broken up, and quite often someone will own a single…
  • Hi @audioforge We are aware of the crash, and our dev are working to fix it as we speak in time for the global release of iOS10. We appreciate the heads up, it's thanks to feedback like yours that we are able to work out the bugs before it goes wi…
    in iOS10 Comment by Mx_Hap September 2016
  • Hi @samuel We are sorry that someone has cheated their way onto your territory. It is an issue we are aware of and are working on the best way to fix. Our biggest focus is creating a solution that won't accidentally punish valid runners as well. Y…
  • Hi @madrez! We're glad you like our game! We agree that cheating is an important issue, and are working on solutions that will prevent false runs, while not discounting honest players. Thank you for your feedback about the graphics. as with any goo…