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Forum Freeze

Hello Conquerers,

As most of you will have noticed, the link to the community has been removed from the Run an Empire website and social media.

We are in the process of restructuring our community and support process, and how we communicate and assist users. Shorty we will be launching our new Help Centre, where you will be able to easily access articles and tutorials, as well as send us any questions or bug reports.

In the meantime we are brainstorming and redesigning the forum to be a user-driven board. If you, as our most experienced and senior community members, have any ideas or suggestions as to what you'd like YOUR community to look like, we would love to hear from you.

We will continue to update this thread with announcements, but encourage you to send any questions or suggestions to And, as always, the best way to stay up to date on Run an Empire news is to follow us on Twitter/Facebook/IG @RunAnEmpire.


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