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Browser based map?

Hi there,

Loving the game - I run a lot anyway and fortunate enough to have two other local users so we are having lots of skirmishes (I am Wimbledon based). I love the concept, but find it difficult to plan my runs on the small map on the smart phone.
Are there any plans to bring a browser based out of app map so we can see what terrority we hold and plan our next "raid"?
Currently I used Gmaps pedometer to plan the route and distance so something similar would be awesome


  • Hi @mattdef11!

    At the moment we are only app-based, but we have received feedback from several users expressing an interest in a browser view of their empire. We are looking at making this a feature in future releases of the game. We love getting feedback from players, and integrating it to make RunAnEmpire the best game it can be!
  • Great thanks for the reply - I've got a couple of upstart emporers in my area so having a bigger map to check and plot routes would be awesome!
  • Yes a browser view of the map would be great, it's a great game, very motivating, gets you out walking and running, but I'd like to be sure that I can cover an area in the time I have to run or walk, difficult to do on a tiny map on a phone.
  • Access to a browser view of the map would be wonderful as it would be massively helpful in planning runs.
    I love this game, it encourages me on new routes to join up blocks of my empire but on such a small screen it's difficult to prepare.
  • I'd like a browser map just so I can take a screenshot of my whole empire, since on mobile it is too large for the supported view.
  • Either browser based or allow us to zoom out even more (I know you did already improve that in the past) in the app. I cannot view my whole empire at once.
  • @audioforge yeah that would be good - especially now our territory is getting so big! I see you are number 3 on the leader board - good job! I've got some major competition from some upstart emporers around Wimbledon so difficult to get over 9k even though I run every day!! Fun times though
  • Is there a map of what areas are covered? I live in Devon & haven't found anywhere I can raid
  • @mattdef11 thanks. Lost a few spots now that I have conquered almost everything within a 2 hour run. Have to extend my runs even further... Once more players come in, the big empires will all come crumbling down anyways and 9K will be a very good sized kingdom.
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