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Brilliant update but.....

....I lost over 1000 hexes overnight!

I was up at just over 8000 hexes and after the upgraded immediately dropped to 6900....with no one doing any runs!

I had to explain to my minions that all was still good in the world and normal service would resume after a few runs, but just interested to know what might have happened :-)


  • Hello @mattdef11!
    Were you by any chance playing on the beta version before, and then updated to the live app store version?
  • No...always on the live. To be honest it just could have been that I hadn't run around those hexes recently and they went to deadlock -all good

    By the way, why has the community link gone from the site page?
  • Heya @mattdef11,
    We are currently doing some community and help centre maintenance/upgrading. We intend to evolve the community into a more user-discussion based platfrom, rather than a questions/answer board. Rather than take the site down in the meantime, we wanted the existing users to still have access to their ongoing discussions. Will post an update shortly.
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