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Control Points

What are they? How do they work?


  • So basically you have to either run through, or around (i.e. anything within a closed loop) the areas on the map to take control. Each time you make a loop around areas, or run through it, you get a certain number of influence points - and whoever has the most influence points takes control of that area. The influence points decrease as time goes on until they reach 1 (never zero). If the number of influence points is equal then the hex is deadlocked....

    Does that help?
  • Is that the same as the hexes changing colour?
  • Yes, when you look at your map the hexes you have control of will be a darker green the more influence/control you have over them. I think the white ones are the deadlocked ones, and as they get redder they are in the control of other emperors!
  • That's great, thanks.
  • @mattdef11 is there any reference somewhere that shows at what rate the control points 'decay'? So if they start at a 10, how long does it take for that to decrease to 1? A week? A few days?
  • I haven't seen feeling is that it's probably 1 pt a day until it gets to 1 but not sure - guess I could monitor it. I do see chunks of territory drop off overnight sometimes!!
  • Greetings Conquerers-

    The decay rate is 1CP/day. The darker the hex, the harder it will be to capture. Green for your empire, red for your opponents, white signifying a stalemate between you and another player.
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