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Release 1.6 24 August 2016

This release "Added more supporters to customise your coat of arms". Good stuff, but it also managed to removed my precious snails :-). I think they cost 5000 a piece. Any chance of getting them back?


  • Hi @RunnyJafa - thanks for flagging! It's true that we've modified the snail supporters and you might've lost them - we're happy to sort out coins if you'd like, but it might just take a while as we don't have a straightforward system in place for bonusing. Can you inbox me your username?

    Also - snails are now much cheaper at 1,000 coins a pop!
  • Hi @RunnyJafa!

    Our devs look into your account and it looks like you had to re-buy the snails, so we went ahead and refunded you 2000 coins. Sorry for the mix-up, thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    See you on the grid!
  • Thanks, Mx_Hap. I bought some mice instead :-). By the way, the snails cost 5,000 a piece when I bought them.
  • Hey @RunnyJafa,
    Okay jut want to make sure we get you taken care of--on our end it is currently showing that you have snails in your repertoire. Can you confirm that you are able to access them? If not we will get it sorted out!
  • Yes, I can see snails but I bought mice instead. The issue is I originally paid 5,000 for the snails and the refund was 1,000 per snail.
  • Hi @RunnyJafa,
    Sorry for the confusion. I thought you had to re-purchase the snails at 1,000 each, so that is what we refunded you. I will make up the difference now, you should be good to go when you restart your app.

    Happy Conquering!
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