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USA launch?

Is there any sort of timeline for launch on iPhone in the USA?

I don't want to miss it when it becomes available or my neighbor might snatch up all the local real estate.


  • Hi IronRunner - thanks for your support! We haven't announced a timeline for the US launch yet, but stay tuned to our channels and you'll definitely be among the first to know!
  • What about US beta? Can I become a beta user?

    I am just starting to run again and I feel like this could really help motivate me.
  • @IronRunner We're prepping a wider Beta actually, so that might be available fairly soon (although we haven't announced a timeline for it yet)!
  • I'm so jealous of the UK. Is the USA up next? You are practically forcing me to play Pokemon Go.
  • @IronRunner don't even mention it! I live in Canada and use Android, so very little hope for me.
  • @IronRunner We are planning to release in the US, yes, it just takes a lot of preparation to be able to do that in the right way!
  • An update on US launch?
  • @IronRunner you can sign up at to receive updates when Run an Empire is available in your area!
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