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Keep Kids Free from danger This Holiday

Trim the Tree Safely. The nation's Fire Protection Association calculates that Christmas trees cause 210 annual house fires. You can obtain a fireproof artificial tree, but then young kids overlook choosing and trimming a brand new tree. In order to avoid fires and also other tree dangers, though, pick the fresh tree from the lot, stick it faraway from heating sources and keep it saturated with water. Cut off low branches that can poke your children in the eyes. Additionally, secure the tree from tipping over when you put it in the wide-based stand.


Decorate Safely. As outlined by legend, German preacher Martin Luther added lit candles to the holiday tree in early 1500s. Sparkling lights remain commonplace in holiday decor, but exercise caution when burning candles. Position them out of the surface edges, teach the kids to not touch the flame, and take off flammable fabrics and paper in the vicinity of lit candles.

If you string lights instead of burning candles, use only Underwriters Lab-approved lights and cords. Inspect each strand for frayed or exposed wires and loose connections before plugging them in, and connect no more than three strings of lights per extension cord. Property insurance will include coverage for accidents, but keeping your kids safe if you secure all cords and lights to prevent the kids from pulling or tripping with them.

It is likely you use other things as decorations too. Remember that small ornaments aren't safe because they're choking hazards. Likewise, resist decorating with marbles or something different seems like candy. Tinsel and ribbon becomes twisted around your little ones' fingers or toes, so avoid using the many items. Place glass angels and creches on high shelves where your children can't reach them.

Bake Safely. Food Timeline shares that animal crackers started in the late 1800s, whilst the decorative box was marketed as a Christmas tree ornament in 1902. Should you and your loved ones want to make your own animal cookies and other holiday treats, follow seven safety tips.

Always supervise young kids while baking and cooking. You do not need them pulling a glass of hot chocolate onto their laps.
Store a fireplace extinguisher with the cooking. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends you ultimately choose an extinguisher that's comfortable to hold and it is an ABC-type that handles ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids and electrical fires.
Don't let children chow down on nuts, mints or popcorn. These popular holiday finger foods pose choking hazards.
Store alcohol, booze and baking extracts with alcohol content from children's reach. Kids could possibly get sick if they ingest alcohol.
Keep knives along with other sharp cooking tools from the kids' reach. You wouldn't want your small children to succeed in for any fresh cookie and find a sharp knife instead.
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