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It can’t get any simpler than this

Photo Scanning

It can not get any simpler than this. We scan your pictures correct in your home. Why would anybody take into account delivery their irreplaceable photographs to a distant lab and risk in no way observing them once more? Until now, your photo scanning options ended up to ship your photographs to some distant point out (or country), devote a pair of days working with a nearby retailer or scan them at home on a sluggish flat-mattress scanner. In-residence photo scanning is as handy as you can get.

Shoebox Legacies uses the speediest photograph scanning equipment offered today. Our Kodak PS80 photograph scanners can scan up to 85 photographs for each moment – that type of velocity signifies our picture technician can scan all of your pictures in a couple of several hours. We’re in and out and you can get on with your lifestyle.

​HIGHEST Top quality
All our pictures are scanned at three hundred, 600, or 1200 dpi (dot for each inch) – the actual specification presented by business foremost doc imaging professionals. At three hundred dpi your electronic picture can be printed at the actual measurement and quality of your unique photo.

State-of-the-artwork equipment, application and internet tools supply you the very best resources for preserving your picture legacy.
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