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Splitting the game world

A few weeks ago we implemented a substantial (and arguably much-needed) change to the game server - we 'forked' the game world so as to keep the Beta in a different environment than the Live build. Since that point, Beta players have been progressing on their own version of the game map, which is now different to what's happening on the game map available to those playing the Live build (the one available in the App Store).

The main reason for this decision is fairly straightforward: on the Beta server we test a lot of things before they're available to Live players, and sometimes these things break. While it's acceptable to occasionally break things in a Beta programme, on a Live environment it's not. When we develop a new feature, we test it locally (developer team), then internally (QA & wider RAE team), then externally (Beta testers) - and we'll only release it to Live players after it's passed all these stages and we're confident it's completely functional.

The actual splitting process took a couple of hours and went very well - although a very small number of Beta players has been affected, more specifically those players who started and/or finished runs in that timeframe. We're sorry about that and we urge you to get in touch with us via email (if you haven't already) and we'll try to sort something out!


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