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how to buy longer run times

currently in the beta i'm limited to a 60 minute run time. I thought there would be a way to expand it. is this coming soon?


  • Hello @cgrizz!

    We actually added that feature several updates ago, you should get an email from TestFlight whenever a new version is available. The current Beta Version is 1.6.4, and can be downloaded through your TestFlight app. If you are unable to access the update, please DM me the email you used for your beta invite and I will help get you sorted!
  • Well then I don't understand how to unlock it, will it just prompt me or do I have to earn enough coins?
  • When you are on a run, you should see a green "+" next to the "Time Remaing" countdown in the top left corner of the screen. Have you checked to make sure you are on a current version of the beta?
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