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Sequence Of Alcohol Addiction

Few people take their first dose of a drug-- illegal or legal-- with the hope of getting addicted. For 2009, the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration declares that 23.5 million people sought some form of treatment for drug and alcohol problems. Of course, individual physiology and psychological makeup have much to do with how rapidly addiction can take hold and with the amount ingested prior to crossing the invisible line from freedom to enslavement.

While each particular instance may be different in time frame and ferocity of dependency, certain patterns are standard among the complete pool of substance abusers. Through the statements of addicts and those who treat them, researchers can recognize benchmarks for the phases of substance addiction.

Experimenting With Substances

Experimentation may have manifold different motivations. Among youths, peer pressure is a dominant factor in partaking in their initial drag, drink or snort. On the other hand, addiction need not start in adolescence. A middle-aged or older person might try prescription pain relievers to remedy chronic aches and discomfort. Even the elderly may use alcohol or substances to take the edge off being alone. These correspond to significant moments in a person's life when a substance is taken to force a physical, emotional or social affliction a little more bearable. Isolated occasions of use might or might not be continued with greater frequency or quantities. Without a realistic self-assessment an honest appraisal of the signs of substance addiction an individual can cross unknowingly into the more acute stages of drug addiction.

Consistent Consumption

Taking a drug or other substance on a regular basis may not automatically lead an individual into addiction. Some people are able to consume a drug steadily for a period and afterwards end its use with little or no discomfort. The probability of dependence is based upon the duration of the consumption and the strength of the dosages. Should the time-span continue indefinitely and the potency of dosage also increase, routine usage could become prescription addiction. Yet another cautionary sign is certain changes in tendencies. If speech and behaviors adjustment dramatically, particularly a heightened propensity toward aggression and hazardous tendencies, it is necessary to cease taking the substance.

Dangerous Usage

While the stages of drug addiction are passed through, the individual's personal decisions and behavior become progressively more dangerous, both to herself or himself and other people. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that 28.4 percent of young adults in between the ages of 21 and 25 drove a vehicle under the influence of illicit substances in 2009.

• Driving a vehicle while under the influence of a sedative
• Using money irresponsibly to acquire the substance
• Defensiveness in verbal exchanges
• Secrecy
• Adjustments in appearance.
Changes in desire for food, memory failure and degrading fine motor skills are also manifestations of substance abuse. The line of demarcation seperating risky use and addiction is thin and difficult to distinguish. Securing aid for oneself or somebody you care about ought not be put off at this phase.


Of all the stages of substance use, dependence and addiction are the toughest to distinguish. The devastating penalties of substance abuse are definitely unmistakable in addiction. For example, the dependent individual is frequently absent from their work as a result of repetitious consumption of the controlling compound. In addition to the employer, the substance abuser will occasionally allow responsibilities to family, friends, neighbors and community go by the wayside. alcoholic noted above become more recurrent.
Through it all, though, the dependent stands apart from the addict by meeting enough responsibilities to preserve the basic structure of his/her life. The trajectory of drug abuse phases is still headed downward, the appearance of functionality re
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