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Outside of Play Space‏

Just downloaded the app, sounds really promising, can you clarify where is playable? I live in London, but currently in Norfolk, everywhere comes up as "Outside of play space". Is this correct or is there an error, the map can locate me, but when I press run, it just constantly looks for a GPS signal and everywhere states "Outside of play space". I have an iPhone 6, with the latest iOS.


  • Play space? So you can't just run anywhere?

    I am going to be so upset if they finally release this in the USA and I can't play it because I live in the suburbs. The worst part about Pokémon Go is that you can't really play it unless you live in a city with a lot of landmarks (which I don't).
  • Hi @MellowMan - thanks for downloading!

    Run An Empire splits the map into a series of grids - these are usually fairly large (there's one that covers the whole of London) and any one run always needs to stay within its grid. That's not to say you can't travel to other grids and play there.

    We do have grids around Norfolk but you may be just at the edge of one, if you inbox me the exact location of where you want to run then I can have a look for you!

    @IronRunner suburbs are usually always covered by these grids and anyway we can always activate new ones on request. So don't worry!
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