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Map extension?

Hey there, kicked off tonight with my first run but most of my area is outside of play space. I ran to the edge of play space and then had to keep switching back to stay in grid, any chance of a minor extension? London Colney in the UK...


  • Hi @allmec thanks for your note!

    Run An Empire splits the map into a series of grids - these are usually fairly large (there's one that covers the whole of London) and any one run always needs to stay within its grid. That's not to say you can't travel to other grids and play there.

    We've just checked and London Colney is just between two of these grids - which basically start from the north and from the south of Morris Playing Field. As long as you run within one of them, you should be fine!

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi could you kindly add a grid to Jersey Channel Islands UK? islanders can't play at all! Thanks
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