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*Solved* Bug: Run cooldown timer not resetting for some

edited September 2016 in Bugs
Hi everyone! We've been seeing a small number of reports about a bug concerning the run cool-down feature.

We're hearing that the cool-down timer doesn't properly count down and gets stuck in a loop, thus preventing users from starting new runs.

We're sorry to hear this is affecting your play experience, we are working to reproduce this issue so we can get it sorted asap. We'll update this thread as we know more!

* Update (31/08 12pm): We're testing a range of potential fixes with several affected users. Once we've identified a fix we will thoroughly test it and deploy it to the App Store.

* Update (01/09 11am): We've identified the issue - it relates to how the app deals with the iPhone's time display settings, and users are affected if they turn off 24-hour time display. While the update containing the fix hits the App Store, you should be able to temporarily work around the bug by going to your iPhone's Settings > General > Date & Time > Turn on 24-Hour Time > then restart the app.


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