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Easy to Install and Use Even with a Standard Configuration

The advent of web technologies has brought in a revolutionary change in the business sectors. The web technology has gained exceptional importance for development of business websites all around the globe. Today, most of the business transactions happen over the internet so it is very important to have effective and trusted web solutions or that can carry out the financial and other business transactions smoothly. Open source web development is one of those sources that provide a platform for effective web development with a lot of benefits with almost no initial investment cost. One such powerful platform is Drupal.

Why Drupal?

Drupal, being an open source content management system is very easy to use to create business websites, social networking websites, discussion boards and blogs. In fact, Drupalubuntu sources.list offers limitless opportunities to create exciting features for your website. The important fact to consider is that the source code is free for anyone that wishes to use Drupal. However, you can purchase several customization tools such as themes and modules to create particular website tools.

Drupal is written in PHP and can be used with almost every operating system such as Windows, MAC, Ubuntu and others. You can use MYSQL, a virtual database to store all the necessary information and data.

Drupal makes use of special pages called "nodes" to form most of its content. A node is basically a part of information and they can come in different ranges of content types. Among the most common predefined content types in Drupal are: 'story' and 'page', however you can always customize them and create your own. There is no limitation on what type of website you can create using Drupal platform. If you have the potential to use heavy resources, then you can create almost any website you want with Drupal.

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