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A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Review

A Course in Miracles teaches forgiveness as the way to healing and freedom. It is a modern spiritual self-study thought system that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Its author is not identified, but Helen Schucman, a Columbia University psychologist, claims to have received it as an inner dictation over seven years beginning in 1965.
The Text

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study system of spiritual thought. It consists of a three-volume set of channeled literature: a 622-page Text, a 478-page Workbook for Students and an 88-page Manual for Teachers. The Text contains the main teachings of the Course, and is the primary source of information on how to apply the lessons in the Workbook to one’s life. The Workbook contains 365 lessons, which may be studied one lesson at a time or more than one lesson at a time. Each lesson has a goal, which is generally to release fear and anger and to increase the experience of love and peace in our lives.

The Course’s teachings are based on the principle that we can change our beliefs by choosing to think differently. This is possible because thoughts are universal and can affect any level of reality. In fact, the Course asserts that the world of form is an illusion and that the true nature of the universe is a state of pure love. It teaches that evil, sin and guilt are all misperceptions that we can correct by choosing to think differently.

In 1965, Columbia University professor Helen Schucman began to receive teachings from a mysterious inner voice. These teachings, which she dictated and transcribed, eventually became A Course in Miracles. The Voice identified itself as Jesus, though it bears no resemblance to the Bible’s Christ. a course in miracles

After a period of uncertainty, Helen decided to trust the Voice and begin reading the lessons. She soon realized that her previous feelings of sadness, anger and inadequacy were gone. However, she was also very apprehensive because she knew that accepting the Voice’s teachings would involve her in a mindshift of tremendous proportions. That evening she prayed to the Voice and asked it to tell her if this was something that should be done. The answer she receivedwas a clear affirmative. She hurried into Billsoffice to tell him about what had happened.
The Workbook

A Course in Miracles is a modern spiritual self-study course. It is made up of three books: the Text, which lays out its core philosophy; the Workbook, which contains 365 daily lessons that emphasize experiential learning rather than belief in a theology; and the Manual for Teachers, which helps students teach the Course to others. While the Course makes use of Christian terminology and references Jesus, it is ecumenical in its approach and states that it is but one of many spiritual paths that lead to God.

When first published, A Course in Miracles was highly controversial. The book is based on the experience of two Columbia University psychologists who were frustrated with their own angry and divided lives. They decided to find a way to experience peace and love. They began receiving an inner dictation from a voice that they recognized as Jesus. They then scribed the Course over seven years, and it was eventually published in 1976. It has since gone on to become a modern spiritual classic, a book that is studied by individuals or in small groups. The language of the Course is poetic and often written in blank verse. It is also intellectually sophisticated and combines spiritual inspiration with deep psychological understanding of such topics as belief systems, defense mechanisms, and perception and identity.

The Course teaches that the world we perceive through our physical eyes is an illusion. It consists of levels of reality that can only be seen through the eyes of the mind. The lower level of reality is the material world; the higher level is the world of truth. The true world is one of unity, not separation. The Course says that we need to learn how to change our beliefs about the world to allow us to see the truth.

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