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Historical Greek Theater of Dionysus 

In 1537, Ios and several other small Cycladic islands were captured by Hairedin Barbarossa, previously a fearsome pirate who had turn into a Turkish admiral and the Turks eventually guaranteed total domination over the Cyclades in 1566, when they captured Naxos, the seat of the Duchy.

The state Turkish title of los at this time حرب الاغريق Antza, although new conquerors also called it Aine. No Turkish authorities resolved on the area, but Ios compensated the compulsory poll duty every year.

Tragedy suddenly befell the island in 1558. Turkish devils with 14 galleys invaded the area and plundered and devastated every thing in sight before carrying the inhabitants down to the slave-markets of the East. Ios stayed unpopulated for 21 years until 1579,

when it was settled by Albanians and people who had lasted the 1558 disaster. Albanians are also said to own settled on the area, however on an inferior degree, at the time of Markos I, to be able to meet the requirement for perform hands. On both instances, the settlers were rapidly assimilated and Hellenized, and did not have any impact on the Greek identity of the island.

Their existence on Ios is attested just with a few names and the fact in former situations, the people of the neighbouring island of Sikinos applied to contact the people of los tsarouchades (after tsarouchi, a boot with a pompon used by the Albanians).

Thefamous sheltered harbour of Ios, which led the Turks to contact the area Small Malta, played a significant role in their history. It was the scene of an episode for that the German have every purpose to be proud.

In 1668, the German Temercours brothers, with two frigates and two light boats, directed the Turkish fleet of Kapudan Pasha, which contains 54 galleys. Three of the Turkish galleys were sunk and 500 Turks were killed, whilst the victor's deficits were just 24 men.

The place where the challenge took position, close to the harbour of los, is now called Bourloto. A small interruption in the Turkish occupation occurred from the war that broke below in 1770 between Russia and Turkey, in that the Russians were briefly victorious. The Cyclades, including los, transferred below Russian occupation for four years. The hawaiian islands returned to Turkish concept, nevertheless, with the treaty of Kutchuk Kainardji in 1774.

Even though that los was a small, bad area, it played a distinctive role in the Greek battle for liberation. The national uprising was proclaimed on los on 10 Might 1821 by Panayotis Amoiradakis, 8 weeks as a result of its official proclamation in the Peloponnese.

This prompt rising was naturally due to the patriotic emotions of the islanders, but can also have owed significantly to the predicament this 1 of their daughters, Sp. Valettas, had already been initiated into the "Philiki Etairia" (the core of the uprising) as early as 1818, and was indeed one of their most important members.

Valettas gave good help the area, both throughout the War of Independence and afterwards and in his honour, his fellow-islanders erected a bust of him however block of Chora. The folks of los fought the Turks equally on the island,

when the enemy tried to make a landing and at ocean inside their ships. The harbour of los served as a safe haven and a base of procedures for the Greek freedom fighters. los was formally liberated and united with the rest of Greece on 10 March 1829, with the signing of the Treaty of London.
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