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Party Concept - We Suggest a Viking Crafted Up Helly Aa Celebration

As a compliment to the foodstuff, cups filled with mead, the original Viking drink made of liquor darling and herbs, are provided.This wonderful food and storytelling experience is then capped off with the dance of the original ring dance to the melody of a vintage Viking song.

And obviously, visitors are always delightful to party and celebration with the Vikings! The museum interior isn't the sole highlight of your trip to Lofotr. If you go external to the nearby inlet, you will discover a wonderful reproduction of a Viking ship named Gokstad.

The Lofotr Viking Memorial is open throughout every season at varying instances, but when you yourself have the blissful luxury to see it at may, consider coming all through summer, which usually is involving the 15th of August to the 15th of August. During this time,

more activities are now beViking axes for sale ng wanted to guests. You can try your hand at archery or rowing a Viking ship. If you wish to be much more exciting, why don't you discover ways to put an axe Viking design?

September is a unique month at Lofotr because the memorial celebrates the annual Viking event, which also includes 5 fun-filled days. During this time period, booths, games and areas is likely to be collection up.

The memorial will also arrange concerts, workshops, fight indicates and various actions! In the event that you don't feel just like having a large party, you can generally seize a gentle treat and a glass or two at the seaside Skjeltersjåen café ;.

You might prepare your own transfer to Lofotr Viking Museum. You can even choose to take the general public bus range that goes between Leknes and Slovlvaer. The memorial also maintains its bus service, which departs from Stamsund Hurtigruten pier.
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