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Recommended Books for Career and Life

In my work with clients, I often recommend books that help deepen their learning about a particular issue they are focusing on. Here are a few of my favorite books that I reference time and time again:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey

This book may be on your shelf right now. Maybe you have read it years ago; maybe you keep meaning to read it someday. Not only have I read it several times, I also had the opportunity to participate in a live training on this model. Here are the ideas that I use time and again with my recommended books for ias by toppers :

When we put some space between an event (stimulus) and our response to that event, we have a greater capacity to choose the most appropriate and beneficial response.

We all have great ideas and projects for our growth, yet they are so often relegated to the back burner. Covey calls these our important but not urgent projects. Where we often spend most of our time however is attending to the important/urgent issues - and sometimes the not important/not urgent (like surfing the internet). Knowing where your time and energy is spent is an important first step in making some shifts.

When we set out with an intention to understand another person - whether a manager, colleague, friend, family member - we come to the table with a fresher perspective, openness to truly hear and see the other persons point of view, needs and wants. That sets a great foundation to seek connection and the ever important win-win that Covey also conveys.

Sharpening the saw - in our strive for forward movement and success, we often forget to recharge. So often we run on empty, wondering why we are not only exhausted all the time, but not as productive as we think we should be given all the effort we are putting in. Recharging needs to be part of our plan, an ongoing and consistent agenda item that needs attending to.
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