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Point of Sale Installation Benefits of POS Mounting Solutions

Installing point of sale systems is one thing, but they will not be good enough if they do not enhance the efficiency of the operations in your business. You have to make sure that you are getting the maximum return from the money you invested to set up that technology. Let us explore how mounting solutions can help you benefit from POS installations.

You may have installed the most recent kiosk technology or monitors in your retail store, but in the event that you just placed the monitors on the counter surfaces, you may be missing some extremely attractive benefits that you can get if the monitor solutions for the POS apps are mounted. The mounting solutions usually consist of tools that are used to elevate the monitor above the counter. Some of them even allow the monitors to be attached to a wall or a ceiling.

What are the benefits you will get from the POS mounting solutions? Well, first of all you will be saving a lot of valuable selling space. When you suspend the monitor above the counter, you can create more selling space especially for impulse buy items. Second, you can be able to adjust the monitor-height to suit the height of the sales associates. Since the sales personnel may not be of the same height, the height-adjustable monitor will allow each one of them to work comfortably on which ever workstation they choose. This will also reduce neck as well as back strain which is usually caused by improperly positioned screens. Note that if sales staff is happy and healthy, the customers will also be happy and profitable.

With POS mounting solutions, the screen angles can be adjusted to eliminate glare. Since sources of light as well as intensity may vary throughout the day, it is possible to have annoying glare on the screens that make eyes very uncomfortable. You can just tilt or swivel the monitor to keep the annoying glare off. The mounted solutions also allow you to manage the cables properly. You will be able to keep the cables out of view as well as harm's way by routing all of them through a monitor mount. This will in turn reduce wear and tear of the cables as well as accidental disconnects that may affect business operations.

Mounting solutions will also help reduce clutter in your store. You will avoid any ad-hoc as well as unsightly welded solutions in the retail area. You will find mounted monitors to be more secure than free-standing monitors. Apart from securing the monitors to walls or countertops to prevent accidental damage and tip-overs, mounting the monitor will discourage theft.
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