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Hawaiian Cruise Attractions - 5 of Hawaii's Top Attractions

Hawaii is a sightseeing paradise. Wherever you turn there is something to see or do, whether it's on land, on the water or in the air. On your Hawaiian Cruise you will have the possibility to embark on several shore excursions and we have provided a brief overview of some of the major sights and attractions on the Hawaiian Islands.

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Oahu

While in port on your Hawaiian cruise, be sure to check out the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

The 7th of December 1941 marks a day that will live in the minds of Americans and people worldwide forever. It is he day that the US fleet was surprise attacked by the Japanese, crippling its naval fleet. This day would only mark the beginning of the hostilities that followed between the US and Japanese.

Located North of Honolulu on the island of Oahu, the memorial commemorates the fallen men and women of the pearl harbour bombing. You can take a tour of the visitor centre, which is located above the sunken USS Arizona and find out more about what happened on this day.

This is an experience and is one of Hawaii's most popular tourist attractions and a must do on your Hawaiian Cruise itinerary.

Diamond Head State Monument, Oahu

Another top rated tourist attraction popular with Hawaiian cruise travellers is Diamond Head on the island of Oahu.

Diamond Head is widely recognised as the symbol of Hawaii and it's most well known landmark. It is commonly known in Hawaiian as Le'ahi, which translates to "Brow (le) of the tuna ('ahi)". Named because of it's resemblance of the forehead of a yellow fin tuna, visible from its western appearance. It's more familiar name came from 19th Century British sailors who mistook calcite or basic crystals located in the soil for diamonds.
Sunset boat big island of hawaii

Diamond Head is a now dormant volcanic crater known as the Diamond Head crater. The crater is famous for its particular section and appearance from the beaches of Waikiki (especially at sunset). Those keen enough to hike to the summit will get a stunning view over Oahu and the city of Honolulu. Be shore to take a flash light to help you navigate through the many tunnels and passageways. Diamond Head is located on Diamond Head Rd, east of Waikiki, Honolulu on the Island of Oahu. Definitely mark this down on your Hawaiian Cruise Itinerary.

Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii's volcanoes national Park is a once in a lifetime experience and must be included in your Hawaiian Cruise Itinerary. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Hawaii. The park is located on Hawaii's "Big Island" and was originally established in 1916. The volcanoes national park consists approximately of 1348 km² of land and offers tourists a range of amazing landscapes from sea level to the summit of the world's largest volcano "Mauna Loa". It is also home to the world's most active volcano "Kilauea".

The volcanoes national park encompasses hundreds of thousands of years of volcanic activity and provides an insight into the creation and evolution of the Hawaiian Islands and their ecosystems.

There are a number of activities available in the volcanoes national park ranging from scenic drives, hiking, camping and a number of ranger led tours. For an excellent day trip don't miss the scenic drive along Crater Rim drive which will provide stunning views of some extreme volcanic landscapes. Be sure to drop into the Kilauea visitor centre to get more information regarding sights and tours within the volcano park. Alternatively your Hawaiian island crew should be able to point you in the right direction.
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