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Intraday Forex Strategies

During intraday trading, trades are kept open for no more than 24 hours. I.e., trading is carried out within one day without being transferred to other days. For analysis, you can use any timeframe from M30 to H4 (the most common timeframe is H1). Below we will give examples of simple but profitable trading strategies that are traded within one day. An important caveat: in the examples of intraday strategies, as well as in the examples of the entire article as a whole, we used the NPBFX trading account connected tothe Meta Trader 4 trading platform. Why this particular broker?

First, as we mentioned earlier, NPBFX supports all types of trading strategies. The minimum amount to start real trading on the market and enter the trade is only 10 USD / EUR or 500 Russian rubles with a leverage of 1:1000 and the ability to split the trading lot to 0.01. Second, the broker a wide choice of trading instruments, which gives the trader a great freedom in the choice of the asset to trade over 40 currency pairs, precious metals (gold/silver), raw materials (2 stamps of oil, natural gas), cryptocurrencies (RIPL, bitcoin, dashain, litecoin , etc.), world stock indices (American, European, Asian, etc.).

Third, all orders are executed at a speed of 200-300 ms using STP technology with direct withdrawal to the world's largest liquidity providers. The company's clients get the best prices for traded assets, and in addition, each NPBFX client is insured for 20 thousand euros (the broker is a member of the International Financial Commission), which guarantees access not only to profitable, but also to safe trading. You can learn more about the broker's trading conditions on its official website. And we will return to the strategies and tell you about the daily strategiesForextrading best application forex.

Accurate breakout strategy

This intraday strategy is based on the breakdown of support/resistance levels and can be used when trading any currency pair or other asset class.

Entry: Wait until the candle breaks through the EMA and closes above the indicator (buy trade) or closes below the EMA (sell trade).

Open the order with the second candle.

Exit:set the stop loss level at 10-15 pips.

See the screenshots below for examples of buy/sell transactions in accordance with this strategy:

Стратегия Forex Breakout Strategy на пробой

Example of opening a sale transaction

Breakout Strategy

Example of opening a purchase transaction

Trading strategy impulse

Such a trading strategy is based on the release of important news that has a fairly strong impact on the growth/decline in the prices of the traded asset. At the moment when any important economic news comes out, the asset can give an instant price jump of 100-200 points (in some cases even more). On the quotation chart, it looks something like this:

Impulse price jump in the market

Example of an asset price impulse jump

To successfully trade this strategy, you need to identify an important event in the news calendar that has a significant impact on the asset being traded, and correctly predict the market's reaction to it. To make a correct forecast and keep up to date with all important world events, we recommend using the economic calendar of the NPBFX analytical portal platform. This section contains all economic events for yesterday/today/tomorrow/this week by importance and priority:

Trading strategy based onthe "outsider"method»

This is an example of a scalping strategy, according to which you can trade any volatile currency pairs. In the examples below, we used the GPB/USD pair on a 15-minute timeframe.

Уровень стоп-лоссаSet the stop loss level on the opposite side of the SMA.

You can open a purchase transaction under the following conditions::

The current price has crossed the SMA from bottom to top or is above it.

A bullish candle has appeared, the closing price of which is higher than the closing price of the previous candle.

The gap between the second and third "bullish" candle is not less than 2 points.

Стратегия Forex strategy based on the outsider method

A sale transaction is opened if: :

The current price has crossed the SMA from top to bottom, or is under the indicator.

A "bearish" candle appeared, the closing price of which is lower than the closing price of the previous one.

There are at least two points between the third and second bearish candlesticks.

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