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In a crowded Delhi mall if you hear someone yelling 'Ganpat bhai' and instinctively know that he is not calling out to someone, but rather singing a song from the latest Hindi flick, you are definitely a movie buff! If you often rattle off dialogues from your favorite movies and can identify even the character actors, information about the latest movies in Delhi is a must for you. Also the scorching heat of Delhi often finds many families opting for the chilling air conditioning inside a movie hall rather than taking out their children out for an educational tour of the museum.

The summer holidays have resulted in crowded multiplexes bursting over with students taking time off from their schools and colleges and catching up with all the movies in Delhi that are released every week. It could be a big disappointment if you landed up in a hall, all set to watch a movie with your girlfriend and discovered that the show was house full. It is therefore always advisable to book your tickets in เว็บหนังhd whenever you are planning to catch any movies in Delhi. The option of tele-booking and internet booking has brought this convenience right into the comfort of your home. Now getting tickets of any movies in Delhi delivered to your doorstep is a matter of a phone call or the click of a mouse.

However we hardly remember to list down the details about a particular movie hall each time we call up for tickets or visit the place to watch a movie. So every time we try to select one among the many movies currently running, we end feeling hassled. Internet connectivity has made the search a child's play. Now details about any movies in Delhi are available in numerous websites that provide all information about not only the movie halls, but their contact details, the exact location, the movies currently being shown and such other relevant information. You can also search for movie halls according to the location where you may be presently situated, thereby giving you the option of never missing an opportunity to enjoy a good movie any time you want and any where you want.

Many websites are available which give a complete review about all the movies in Delhi as per their release. You can therefore decide on which movie you want to watch after going through the review and after considering the storyline. Information about the latest movies and ring tones of the popular songs are now easily available on the mobile phones as well. Once the novelty of DVDs and home theatre has worn off, people can be seen flocking back to the theatres to catch movies in Delhi. Nothing can beat the wholesome experience of watching a movie in a cold, darkened movie hall, with friends or family and a huge serving of crunchy popcorns.
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