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Suffering From Tinnitus? Get the Tinnitus Miracle

Though concerned, I was well aware a hospital could be a dangerous place especially for a small infant. I had heard stories of children receiving the wrong medicine or getting an infection, their condition becoming much worse after their stay. That was not the option I would acim mp3.

His fever broke and we later learned having a fever was natural, often working as a healing mechanism.

Sherry Hansen Steiger, author of 'Miracles of a Mother's Love', writes of an experience she had when her six year old daughter had her fingers slammed in by a car door, that had been closed by her babysitter.The hospital, X-rays confirmed her child's fingers were crushed, but after holding her hand and praying for her child, to the surprise of the doctor, the child's hand healed immediately.

"I asked the baby sitter to join me in prayer while I placed my hand over Melissa's crushed fingers. When the doctor came back, he was shocked to see the child was healed. "It's a miracle," he exclaimed. "It is truly a miracle." 1

There are stories of mother's who had strength beyond their imagination when fighting to save their children from a carjacking and drowning. There are even miracles documented of their love being strong enough to bring their child back from death's door.

Published in Mail Online Health by the Foreign Service, titled "Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life, with two hours of loving cuddles, after he was pronounced dead." Tells the story of little Jamie, a twin, born to Kate and David Ogg.

After being told their pre-mature infant son did not survive the birth, they were handed the child in order to say their goodbyes. Two hours later, miraculously, the baby still in their arms "began to show signs of life." 2

The healing miracles coming from a mother's love for her children goes way beyond what we know to be scientific or medically sound. If there was a formula for a mother's love and it could be put in a bottle we would never have to worry about being ill.
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