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B.R.E.A.T.H.E. - Dealing With Stress In The Age Of COVID-19

For believers in a 'Higher Power' of whatever hue, there must be times when one wonders if that heavenly body ever loses patience with what goes on below.
Just imagine that said entity, after creating a gift like the planet Earth, balking at the mere sight of the inflicted destruction created by the modern-day human rulers.
So picture if you will, the Earth designed to be the epitome of perfection, with deep blue oceans, filled with cleansing marine life, corals and fauna.
The lush green pastures and forests, a veritable playground for animals of every kind to frolic and multiply in.
And a sky, lovingly painted in an infinite pastel of blue. The Sun, positioned to cascade the world with daytime light. Its health giving rays a source of energy, vitamins and radiation to promotion the essential growth to Earths plant life.
Then to offer a twist of gaiety, brightly coloured birds added to soar free upon the thermals singing and chirping their own sweet song.
Insects of all shapes and sizes, also taking their pleasure by cleaning and preening the land, whilst employed by 'Mother Nature' as her little postmen of pollen to fertilize the eagerly awaiting flowers.
Finally, to the world came man and woman in human form. By purpose they were first made humble, introduced as merely another species on this vast orb of paradise.
But human's had not been created as equals, far from it. They were enhanced in their powers, by featuring highly dexterous hands and a powerful brain, capable of ever wider thought and development. The human, by design, was destined to evolve, blossom, and ultimately achieve mastery over the planet.
Indeed blossom they did over countless centuries. Through trial and error and with the use of ingenuity, human's conquered the arts of cultivation, husbandry and propagation. This set them apart from other species, now they could not only create food, but store it for when needed.
Thus humans could concentrate their powerful minds on an ever wider scale. Yet over time the human thrust for world improvement began to lose its way. Progress became twisted into the pursuit of false gods called money and power.
The simple basics of life as initially created for beauty, necessity or utility, were becoming abused in the pursuit of profit. The true purpose of evolution becoming corrupted by neglect, or as mere collateral damage of mans short-term objectives.
So by now, the believers in the 'Heavenly Body', should not be criticized for wondering if some of the worlds disasters of nature, weren't in some form an early warning of displeasure as cast down from on high?
The words: "Don't push your luck too far humans!" Coming to mind.
But such actions in the past were predominantly a regional issue, whereas now the life threatening pollution and abuse circumvents the world. Those original blue oceans are now awash with detritus. The lush green pastures and forests, plundered for minerals, or stripped bare to return ever greater profits for 'The Man'.

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