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Non Dual Teachers: Talks About Addiction to Hypothetical Thinking

A miracle is an event that is outside normal, everyday activity and appears to transcend the natural physical laws. Often it involves the participation of a teacher/traveler who facilitates, or causes the event through inner spiritual cognition. Usually it is in a religious or spiritual learning framework. The activity requires the interplay of Truth or God, and the event raises belief, learning, and serves as evidence of a Higher Law.*

One of the great spiritual teachers, when questioned about miracles replied, they are actions upon the natural physical law; are in harmony with the potential of the situation and in accord with the higher destiny. There is nothing miraculous about them. The catalyst/person through เว็บหนังhd capacity brings about a potential latent in the situation. Ultimately, the outcome is aligned with Truth and the point most often is a lesson to the larger community. Miracles work on many levels; their potential is cumulative and they affect many travelers.

In the biblical account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, consider who was affected by this event and in how many ways. Someone who was dead is now alive; also, Lazarus' family is overjoyed, witnesses are stunned and 2000 years later we are still wondering at this possibility.

Or consider the birth of a child. Science explains this phenomenon as the fertilization of an egg by a sperm. The mysterious piece or the part that is not yet understood is how the life force energy presents itself and a living embryo is created. It is at this point science, religion and spiritual laws interact. Clearly, in this activity, there is the coming together of natural phenomena that we partially understand and spiritual laws that we do not. Part of the process remains unclear and some term this lack of understanding, miraculous.

Now in the history of the great faiths, there is reference to virgin births. On occasion great souls are born without benefit of sexual activity. In these accounts it is asserted the life force, in some unknown way, acts upon the egg and an embryo develops. Clearly, this is outside our scientific understanding and believers trust their belief system and accept this account. The point of a miraculous or virgin birth is to raise spiritual consciousness.

According to great spiritual teachers, miracles are a byproduct of a higher state of consciousness. They are organic actions that use spiritual and physical laws to bring about an extraordinary event. They happen because it is a natural, latent potential, and the teacher intuitively senses and facilitates this action.

Because miracles are organic and arise out of the potential in a situation, travelers cannot be taught how to perform them. Spiritually, the teacher/traveler perceives a potential, acts upon the situation and accord with a higher design, something seemingly miraculous occurs. Consistently, the teacher/traveler insists this event is the byproduct of the situation's potential and natural laws.
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