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Pill Abortion: The Deep Facts

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in the life of a woman. Most of the women these days prefer having a child after considering several things and getting mentally prepared for entering into motherhood. However, they might get pregnant unknown and if such a situation arises it is up to them whether they keep the baby or go for an abortion. There are several other reasons due to which a woman might prefer to undergo abortion like inability to afford a baby, danger to the life of the mother, job responsibilities and several others. Pregnancy is generally diagnosed in the initial stages or the period known as first trimester but second trimester abortion also occurs either due to complications or other reasons.

The period from thirteenth week to twenty-sixth week of gestation period is known as the second trimester. The complications with pregnancy and mother's health initiate with this period. It is most important to consult an experienced doctor before undergoing an abortion in this period as it is and can lead to death of the mother. It is due to this reason that you should always prefer to get it done under the guidance of expert gynecologists. Though second trimester abortions have decreased to a great extent but are still carried out by expert doctors when necessary.

There are various methods for terminating the pregnancy during this period but the most effective and commonly used method is Dilation and Evacuation. This abortion process is done in two days. The process is initiated by opening and softening the cervix by use of medications or Laminaria (sterile seaweed). The Laminaria acts as a sponge and is used to absorb the fluid from the womb. The next important thing is the dilation of the cervix which is done by using serial dilation. The pregnancy is then terminated using surgical equipments.

Before undergoing the second trimester abortion, several tests and ultrasounds are performed in order to know the gestation period of the pregnancy. After testing the mother, the doctors move forward to prepare for the D&E process. The first thing involves the dilation of cervix which might take few hours or several days. Discomfort during the process is reduced by giving general anesthesia or IV sedation to the patient. After complete dilation, the contents of the uterus are successfully removed with the help of surgical instruments.

Second trimester abortion is complicated and can result in uterine cramps, abdominal pain and back pain. It is therefore necessary to always consider a professional and experienced doctor to undergo the abortion process safely.
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