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Motion Detector Camera - Uses and Considerations Before Buying

Motion activated security camera is a great alternative to the normal security camera when you do not need to store video images the whole day long. The advantage that this motion activated security camera has over the regular camera is that it can save you up to 90% of disk storage space.

In most of the modern security systems that we have now, the most common way of storing video data is to use hard drives. However imagine the amount of hard disk space you will use up in order to store video data that is collected every minute of the day 24 by 7 !
In the case of using motion activated security camera, the video footage is only captured and recorded when there is a detection of motion. This saves a potentially huge amounts of disk space. This is especially so if the video stored is of high quality and resolution which usually means more data. Furthermore, if you can save plenty of disk space, you will be able to archive video data for a longer period of time. No more worries about disk space running out in a short while or spending money on hard disks!

Such cameras are indeed a blessing especially in areas where motion is a danger or sign of intrusion. Examples are areas which need monitoring at night like warehouses, office buildings and even your own home.

Furthermore, some top of the line motion activated security camera also comes with motion tracking. The camera has built in mechanism consisting of stepper motors, panning and tilting capabilities and embedded software which enable the camera to follow the movement of targets. Since a certain about of computing is required by the software in the camera, most motion activated security cameras are IP cameras as they are the only types advanced and powerful enough to handle the task.

Movement triggered capturing is achieved by the following 2 methods : - Using a standard optical sensor ( very much like those used in normal security systems that we see ) to signal the camera when to start recording, based on its input. - Using the IP Camera's software to do a constant comparison between recorded frames. The video capturing is only triggered when when two consecutive frames are different. The frames will only be different if something or someone moved. The recording will stop when two consecutive frames are identical (which means nothing is moving anymore).
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