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Acupuncture - Rock Era Technology For Healing in the Information Age

1. Systematic nature: Short release to the data of viscera, meridians and items in traditional Chinese medication, idea of holographic analysis and therapy; preliminary discussion of the treatment and healthcare system of scraping therapy; systemat­ic release to the 姫路 整骨院 ways of the holographic meridian scraping treatment; enumerating a host of therapeutic methods of scraping for disorders in equally Asian and Western medicine to em­body a combination of illness differentiation and problem differen­tiation; and summarizing the healthcare scraping methods. It is a practical guide of gua sha.

2. Scientific: Using the ideas of Chinese and Western medication to spell out the healthcare and treatment process and clinical applications of scraping treatment; presenting in detail the useful manipulations, items for attention, and clues and contraindications of the scraping therapy. Listed below are introduced repre­sentative conditions in numerous scientific divisions, which is why scrap­ing therapy has a better curative impact and the therapeutic ways of scraping for these diseases. Strain is placed on illness differentia­tion in Western medicine and problem differentiation in Chinese medicine, which should be combined in useful application.

Though there are more than 140,000 forms of illness recognized to computer medication, all conditions are linked to dysfunction of the 14 meridians and internal organs, based on standard Asian med­icine. The thing of scraping therapy is to improve the disharmony in the meridians and internal organs to recover the conventional physical func­tions. Hence, the scraping of a set of meridian factors can be utilized to take care of several diseases. In the part on scientific request only about 100 types of frequent diseases are discussed, while the particular number is much significantly more than that. For easy research the "Catalog of Disorders and Symptoms" is appended at the trunk of the book.

3. Sensible: Applying simple language and plenty of pictures and diagrams to promise that readers can quickly leam, memorize and apply the axioms of scraping therapy. Provided that they grasp the techniques explained in Part Three, visitors without any medical understanding can use scraping treatment to themselves or others, with reference to the pictures in Chapters Four and Five. Besides scraping therapy, natural treatment for each disease or syndrome is discussed and works extremely well in conjunction with the scraping techniques.

Discussing the Holographic Meridian Hand Analysis and pic­tures at the back of the guide can enhance reliability of examination and improve the potency of scraping therapy.

Since the initial book and distribution of the Chinese variation of the guide in July 1995, it has been accepted by both medical specialists and set people. In March 1996 that guide was republished and used as a book by the College for Advanced Studies of Standard Asian Medication related to the Institute of the Acu­puncture and Moxibustion of the China Academy of Traditional Chi­nese Medicine.

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