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Three Popular Affordable Optoma Projectors Attract Attention

While many people are familiar with conference room projector s that are so often used to display PowerPoint presentations and the like, the same technology can also be applied to pursuits of much more entertaining kinds. In best projectors for your conference room , projectors frequently make a great fit for home theaters by being able to produce far larger images than would be possible with fixed displays.

An Impressive Selection of Products That Cover a Wide Range of Ground

A quick scan of the current range of will show that there are also plenty of options to choose from, whatever a buyer's budget and goals. With at least a dozen models now available to buyers, some of the most popular include:

Optoma HD142X: Although it costs only a bit more than the 720P projector that stands just below it in the Optoma lineup, the HD142X produces a full HD picture that will be more than enough for many home theaters. That does come with a small sacrifice in brightness, a concession that almost always has to be made when more pixels stand in the way of light. Despite producing a highly satisfying 1080P image, the HD142X remains extremely easy to set up and move around, making it an especially flexible choice.

Optoma HD27-R: Another excellent choice for many enthusiasts at about the same price point is the HD27-R. Also ready to output in full HD, the HD27-R is a slightly brighter projector than the HD142X, with a rated output of 3200 lumens making it more than a match for most home theater conditions. Another appealing feature that the HD27-R brings to the table is a low latency mode, making it one of the best Optoma home theater projectors for those who like to play video games.

Optoma GT1080 Darbee: Many of the most avid game players, however, will understandably opt for the GT1080 Darbee, instead. The Darbee's short-throw design means that it can be placed relatively close to the screen it aims at, allowing for setup on a table situated in front of a couch or other convenient platform. With only 16 milliseconds of latency between media input and display, the Darbee is also an excellent choice for even the fastest, most demanding games.

Home Theater Solutions That Truly Make Sense

Buying a projector for a home theater in the past often meant compromising in significant ways. As the current selection of Optoma home theater projectors should make clear, however, this no longer needs to be the case at all.
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