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Realtors are moving from major brokers

Traditional broker models are notorious for taxing agent commissions excessively. What’s more is that many do not supply the support necessary for realtors to excel in their career.


London Foster knows that agents work hard to have a sale and offer them full commission. The company employs a successful history of success and possesses all of the latest tools, technology and experience of a.

But that’s not all. Besides the 100% property commission, Realtors that sign up to London Foster obtain a full dedicated office to conduct their meetings, Free exclusive marketing offers for example personal professional website and deals on marketing with email, along with Broker support to help with transactions and compliance questions.

Several Realtors are recognizing the worthiness provided by London Foster and have already made the switch from Major brokers:

Jorge B: “I changed from big real estate companies to London Foster and right away started keeping all my commission on every deal and received more direct Broker support. No franchise fees, no splits, no headaches. I truly don’t know why I used to be paying so much for his or her name. My customers remember my name not the company’s.”

Geraldine Dubernet: “I switched from One Sotheby’s to London Foster and also on every deal I make a lot more, faster and much less headache. The Broker and Marketing support help tremendously. This is necessary in todays market! Thanks!”

Fabiana De Paula: “This is surely an amazing business model that unbelievably offers 100% to seasoned realtors. He features a full office on Lincoln Road and it has an advertising director that helps to get you noticed. I'm able to state that going from Douglas Eliman to London Foster really allows me to make a lot more on every deal and without the problem and unnecessary requirements.”
Roger Charland: “As a realtor at London Foster Realty my opinion is biased however i am an everyday witness of your great real estate firm in Miami Beach. Agents work tirelessly to make sure the customers are well served and get the best deals. Management is experienced and very aware for the importance for everyone clients with all the highest standard.”

Realtors that join London Foster Brokers just pay $199 per deal plus they do not have to meet any quotas no yearly resets.

For more information or sign up with them, visit:
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