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Get the best Pool Renovation services in Sydney

Looking for best Pool Renovation services in Sydney in your area?

At Nexus Pool Services, we offer pool maintenance, equipment service, palm filters, chlorinator repairs and replacement, pool painting, pool rust repair, pool coping repairs, full acid wash and pressure wash, pool fiber glazing, pool leaking crack repairs, pool fencing and decking, and much more.We specialise in acid wash and pressure wash cleaning if your pool needs a real fresh look and it is not in need of renovation. 


Our list of services:

  • Pool maintenance

  • Pool Repairs

  • Pool Renovations

  • Pool painting and decking

  • Pool equipment


We have a total of 20 years' experience in different trades. Nexus Pool Services has been operating since 2015. We have all the necessary insurances as well. We provide good customer service and competitive pricing on Pool Maintenance Sydney as well. To know more feel free to contact.


Nexus Pool Services


NSW 2148

0420 316 896
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