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United We Stand Provides Masonry Repairs and Chimney Reconstruction

As part of your house’s structure, a damaged chimney could bring on some serious and expensive issues if you keep putting off repairing your chimney. Chimney problems aren’t always detectable, but below we have outlined some specific signs you can look for in terms of chimney repair needs that will help you know if it’s time to call United We Stand chimney repair services.

1. Rusty Firebox or Damper

Rust in the firebox or a rusted damper tells us that moisture has infiltrated deeper into the chimney. If you notice rusting, Siding Repair Contractors CT there is underlying deterioration that needs to be repaired immediately. A cracked or deteriorated flue lining is extremely dangerous, as it could allow too much heat into compromised areas and cause a house fire. During a routine chimney sweep, United We Stand will be able to properly examine the condition of your firebox and damper to make sure the level of rust isn’t nearing anything that could cause you to burn in unsafe conditions.

2. Damaged Mortar Joints

Mortar joints are something that are noticed easily when your annual chimney cleaning is performed. If the mortar joints are cracked or in bad condition, moisture will eventually lead to the whole chimney deteriorating and a cause for a more significant chimney repair project Roof Leak Detection RI. When water seeps into small cracks in the masonry, they can turn into large cracks, particularly from repeated freezing and thawing in the winter. The structure can eventually collapse if you don’t plan for any chimney repairs. If you notice the mortar is cracking or if the bricks themselves are crumbling, call for fireplace and chimney repair help. You wouldn’t want that structural integrity of your chimney to be compromised.

3. Damaged Chimney Crown

The chimney crown serves as the first line of defense against outdoor conditions and protects the structure from harsh weather and moisture. If the material is cracking, water can penetrate and lead to severe breakage. Moisture can penetrate the chimney and liner which causes significant damage, including larger cracks. It is very important for the crown to be in good condition, as a damaged chimney crown allows moisture to seep between the chimney and the liner as well as into the chimney.

4. Flue Damage

The condition of the flue liner in your chimney is an important safety issue. One of the most important reasons we recommend an annual chimney cleaning and inspection is to ensure that the liner is doing the job of protecting combustibles from Roof Repair MA extremely hot temperatures. Well-built chimneys that aren’t subjected to excess amounts of moisture are highly durable on the exterior. There are, however, many different factors that frequently cause the chimney liners to deteriorate more quickly, requiring chimney repair or replacement. It can be hard to assess the state of your chimney flue, but when performing a chimney sweep, our certified professional will inspect every inch of your flue with a camera.

5. Ceiling and Wall Stains

Your chimney itself is not the only area where you might notice damage. If you notice any staining or discoloration on the walls or ceiling around your fireplace and chimney, there is a real chance that the discoloration you’re seeing is due to moisture getting into your chimney and gradually penetrating your home. Eventually, this can be very damaging, especially if the water damage reaches the framing of your home and begins to rot it out. The walls should be smooth, dry, and mold free. Moisture getting into your home through the chimney can also lead to mold and mildew problems that can hide behind walls, so be sure to have your home inspected for these issues you could hire a professional home inspector. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

A regular chimney sweeps, and chimney cleaning is the best way to catch and fix any smaller issues before they become larger ones. Our team is available to talk through your questions, Wood Siding Contractor MA and schedule a time for one of our certified chimney experts to come out and look at your fireplace and chimney.

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