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Be in a high guild like you do on dwell

Nearly all of this is wrong. The raids in vanilla can be cleared in one evening MC/BWL/Ony or AQ/Naxx. You won't go back to MC/BWL once Naxx is out. Speed runs for MC are under 20 minutes, BWL beneath 30. You can create at least 50-100g per hour, so assuming you don't have any Gold in WoW Classic you can farm up your consumables for your week in a matter of 1-2 hours. You can maintain a hardcore raid and compete. ZG has some good things so another hour a week there until you have. The world bosses do not have loot thats worth doing them are killed very quickly by a mixture of people from various guilds usually.

You do not NEED alts to be in a high guild like you do on dwell, the meta isn't changing and you don't need to run breaks because there's time to gear up involving the raid releases and there's just one difficulty. Being in a casual guild is what's going to take a huge amount of time. Wiping over and above, learning the struggles, trying to do things without the right consumables which people refuse to get. You might spend 2-3 nights per week progressing or not progressing into a casual guild, while the hardcore guilds will smash right through nighttime 1 and be done with it reset.

I have raided in top 100 rated worldwide guilds and none of the stuff you've mentioned in the movie is something, you're only expected to bring the barebone essentials such as consumables and knowledge in addition to enough time to repeat 4 hours once or twice per week, none of the things you mentioned is gont be expected of you and in most it is gonna be a couple of officers within the upper guilds which may go this far but it's tough enough to herd 39 cats into a 40 man dungeon let alone get all them to perform all the stuff you've listed. All this stuff wasn't something nor will it be a let us say WoW Classic and I've never played earlier but I really wish to get into this crazy ass game, what the hell should I even expect?

All that's being said is if you're a"gold-trophy-for-Trying" participant you won't like WoW Classic. That is a good thing. We want less of those whining that is useless turds ruining a gaming experience that is fantastic. It is a step that is necessary. Next step is not any cross-realms for whatever. Only then is a good"community" be built adding into a great gaming experience. Gold-trophy-for-trying players can remain on the steaming pile of shit or go back to runescape, or move lick nutsacks. They aren't wanted. Terminologies like pre-raid BiS I do not think existed back in the day either.

That a terminology that came with after expansions. Back then, it wasn't uncommon to see men and women in their full grade 0 dungeon sets that for the most part weren't pre-BiS. I had my Magister set on my mage, which was better than quest greens, but maybe not quite up to par if I had farmed more efficiently. I believe if Buy WoW Classic Gold starts, I still might get my whole tier 0 set simply because I want it for collection and to have the ability to say I did it. Byebye bank space.
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