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Elsweyr is usually a War-Torn Land in Elder Scrolls: Online's Next DLC

edited April 2019 in General
Elsweyr is the setting of your Elder Scrolls: Online's next massive Chapter DLC; the third of its type following Morrowind and Summerset. The expansion will probably be the very first time that Elsweyr has featured in an Elder Scrolls game in any significant capacity because the earliest days from the franchise, and as such, comparatively small is recognized about the area. As outlined by ZeniMax, players will arrive within the Khajiit homeland to seek out a region embroiled in conflict. Though the newly awoken dragons are a major threat, they're far from being the only threat to Elsweyr!

ZeniMax Teases Conflict Beyond Dragons inside the Elder Scrolls On line: Elsweyr DLC
When you arrive within the homeland of your Khajiit ESO Gold, explains ZeniMax; you'll learn a land in strife, torn apart by roaming bandits, an invasion, and, not surprisingly, merciless Dragons striking from above. Whilst the people today of Elsweyr are no strangers to conflict, the combined threats seem pretty much overwhelming for the province's scattered defenders.

The invasion which the studio mentions is an Imperial one; six years before the game taking location, Elsweyr was invaded by an Imperial army led by Euraxia Tharn. Even though the Imperials don't manage the entire region, they've secured control over a big swathe. Certainly, their headquarters is the important city of Rimmen. Facing the threat of Khajiit retaliation, the Tharn's Imperials are employing necromancy to bolster their forces. There are reports that the usurper queen has somehow brokered a deal with the Dragons that now plague the land,tease ZeniMax; potentially tipping the advantage in her favour and enabling her to strike out deeper into Elsweyr.Among the dragons, ruthless Imperials, practitioners of necromancy, and bandits, players will undoubtedly have no shortage of opponents! The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is resulting from release around the 4th of June. However, the DLC is already out there to test around the game's PTS servers.
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