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Madden 19 Colour Smash Tie Dye LTD Cards Revealed With Quicksell Worth on Easter Sunday

It's Easter Sunday around the world and in some cases within the Madden 19 game. As of April 21, lots of people are around the hunt for eggs about the property and yard, or enjoying Easter basket goodies. Madden 19 Color Smash has revealed several new goodies for Ultimate Team gamers to appreciate. There are two brand new Madden 19 Colour Smash Tie Dye limited mut coin cards with fantastic possible.

Madden 19 Color Smash Tie Dye LTD cards bring Green, Turner
Initially off, we've got the return of wide receiver A.J. Green on a further Ultimate Group card. The 6-foot-4 Bengals star can be a 97 OVR with Power Up potential. Green's card contains a 97 for Spectacular Catch, 96 Jumping, 96 Catch in Traffic, and 95 Catching. He also boasts a 92 Speed which gamers will most likely increase.

Joining Green for the new pair of Color Smash Tie Dye cards is Trai Turner. Turner's card isn't as highly-rated as he checks in having a 94. His restricted card can also be not a Energy Up card. On the other hand, his essential attributes consist of 96 Awareness, 95 Run Block, 95 Run Block Energy, 91 Strength, and 90 Pass Blocking. Not a bad set of attributes for an offensive guard to have on your MUT roster!

That is the ideal Green card we've noticed inside the game so far. His prior most effective was a 90 OVR Madden Ultimate Team Flashbacks card. Before that, it was just his 87 Core Elite card.

By the way, A.J. Green brings pretty a price for those who choose to Quicksell this card. His new Tie Dye card fetches a cool 300,000 coins to use as you'd choose! In the event you score the Turner, he'll get 150,000 for his Quicksell worth. You could also place with each other Turner or Green and two other Offensive Elites to earn a Color Smash Offense Hero. See much more concerning the Colour Smash promo right here.

Madden 19 Ultimate Group Legends adds LTD Demarcus Ware card
On Saturday morning, we pointed out the arrival of new Madden 19 Ultimate Legends with Dan Marino and Brian Urlacher. These two Hall of Famers weren't the only legends revealed, although. Around the Madden 19 Twitch Daily Drops episode, they also revealed a card for DeMarcus Ware. Cowboys fans rejoice!

Ware brings a 99 LTD card with Energy Up possibilities. The left outside linebacker brings attributes such as 98 Play Recognition, 98 Energy Moves, and 96 Block Shedding. He's also got a 95 Strength and 93 Acceleration. They mentioned Ware is around the level of Terrell Suggs or James Harrison but having a improved Speed attribute. So he'll serve as a terrific pass rusher around the roster. Not bad at all, especially if you're developing a Cowboys Ultimate Group!

What do you think on the new Ultimate Group Colour Smash Tie Dye and Legends D-Ware card in Madden 19?
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