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Fortnite: You can find Two Things That may Almost Definitely Happen With This Rune Occasion

As we barrel towards the inevitable conclusion of Season 8 in Fortnite: Battle Royale, there are actually a great deal of query marks. As usual with Fortnite, factors took a turn that wasn't even hinted at from the theme on the season when Loot Lake was revealed to be some kind of giant hatch/ufo/sci-fi mystery of indeterminate origin. Now, players are pushing runes towards stated UFO, counting down to when every single slot is filled and what we assume will be the season's event gets genuinely underway. But while you can find nonetheless numerous queries to become asked, you can find two points which can be virtually assured to happen.

First, essentially the most apparent: that Volcano is going to erupt. This was telegraphed in the earliest moments in the season for 1 quite obvious purpose: you do not put a giant Volcano down on the map with no generating it erupt at some point, in particular not in an event-heavy game like Fortnite. We got additional clues later on, like the hole in Dusty Divot filling with lava or the volcano vent mysteriously positioned a very long distance from the mountain itself, and now the issue has started to smoke. I really feel like we are able to say with 99% certainty that the Volcano is going to buy Fortnite Items erupt, most likely this weekend.

The second has not been at forefront of recent developments really a lot but feels as inevitable because the volcano. These eggs inside the Volcano are going to hatch, and anything is going to come out of them. These have in fact been about considering the fact that last season when the Ice King was keeping them within the basement of Polar Peak. The Prisoner appears to possess absconded with them and brought them to flank his--or possibly Ruin's--fiery throne inside the cavern, but rest assured that we're not sitting on these season-spanning eggs with serpents drawn on them for nothing. I do not know if we'll see a globe boss or something distinct when the eggs hatch, but they're once more practically assured to complete so, most likely this weekend.

You will note that neither of those points have something to accomplish using the giant hatch in Loot Lake, or at not directly. That is the trick of Fortnite, or has been previously: employing these events to tie two seemingly unconnected strands collectively, like when the Rocket Launch promptly transitioned in to the interdimensional rift. So that is the trick of it: we can guess with near-certainty that the eggs and the volcano are going to be involved with this weekend's event in some way, shape or kind. But there's just about surely some other component to it as well, and that is the a single that is going to drive us forward into Season 9.
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