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Atlas Upadte 1.5 Patch Note Section 1- New Capabilities and Content

Studio Wildcard is extremely proud of this version known as Atlas Mega Update 1.five because it ultimately fixes the game to some thing concrete and workable. Actually, the Atlas 100.1 update could possibly be the top time for players to re-enter. "Looking ahead, we anticipate that major follow-up updates will probably be carried out monthly, including a lot more content such as new things, weapons, creatures and new places for players to view!" claims Studio Wildcard. In the Atlas 1.5 update patch Note, Adhere to that:

-Redesigned: ATLAS Planet 40% Island/Land and New Globe Map Layout.
-Redesigned: Claims Technique Colony: Free-form buildings with more advanced protection and time-executed PvP rules to make a collaborative atmosphere and limit the game to produce it simpler for person players or little groups now referred to as Empire and PvE The pattern will likely be a modified version of the colony.
-New Environment: A new exploration region in Deep Trench, guarded by effective underwater creatures, is household to New Cancer.
-New atmosphere: The eastern tundra now has its personal visual design and style, no longer working with the western tundra style
-New weather: polar tundra and 'snow' climate method
-New Planet Phenomenon: The Aurora Aurora Light show will create rewards which might be visible in particular locations.
-New vehicle: The submarine explores the depths in the ocean in this compact reconnaissance submarine. It makes use of claw arms to help harvest the sea floor and explore (demolition) the player. The wreck is also equipped using a harpoon (applying anchor bolts) as a brand new variety of underwater. Weapons will speed up ocean operations.
-New creatures: Cancer can carry heavy loads, too as players, animal trainers and wildlife
-New item: "Guillotine" It takes too extended to hang your enemy having a sling.
-New project: "Big Wall" is equipped with guardrails and ladder snaps, so you could now make a appropriate defensive perimeter!
-New project: "Small door." Double-height higher door structure for wood and stone.
-New item: "Player Store". Players can set up an automated shop, list the spoils for sale and name their very own coins.
-The new project: "Resolving the War Declaration" is linked to the war technique, delaying the answer on the ATLAS map to announce their war!
-New Item: Present a lot more taming tokens for mysterious creatures! Enable players to have restricted time at Fire Elemental, Rock Elemental and Gorgon. Reward: Rock elements and Cyclops can ride!
-New feature: The war technique declares war on your enemies!
-New feature: "Mainline mission" consists of collecting nine trench stones and defeating the challenging mode siren!
-New attributes: Seven "tasks" will supply their very own exceptional capabilities to unlock just after successful completion
-New function: Curse is connected with player execution
-New function: player-to-player secure trading technique
-New capabilities: Program-generated shipwrecks, players can discover the items and blueprints they will drill in to the ocean, or discover their visual indicators around the water, or effectively comprehensive the sextant mini-game, that will point you within the direction from the shipwreck
-New feature: The catapult character can now be deployed into combat applying a catapult.
-New Makeup: Peg Legs, Hook Hands and Numerous Armour sets can customize the look of your business and workers! It may be purchased at a cosmetic supplier.
-Redesign: The cursed squad (ship) will now have multi-dimensional modifications in statistics and difficulty at diverse levels.
-Redesign: Grappling Hook has been redesigned to provide superior physics and downhill mechanics, and players might be able to work with them realistically.
-Redesigned: Explosive buckets can now be carried, thrown into the water, and explode after they collide with anything underwater (deep charging!).

Thank you for reading, we are going to add a patch to clarify the adjustments in the next chapter, QOL changes, Misc and so forth. If you want much more Atals patch note in igxe, where it is possible to Buy Atlas Items and Atlas Gold Coins . please look forward to our update.
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