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What skills do you need to play a rookie skateboarding?

The fashion skateboarders always like to show their slide skills on the street and in some places, but not everyone can do the same as they do, and that's as flexible as it is.Remember when I played a skateboard, for the first time when I was almost a teenager, and for me, I just stood up, glided directly, didn't learn any skills, didn't practice a few more times, and the consequences were conceivable, and I fell to the bottom of the if you want to same as the fashion skateboarders-make practice,make perfect.

So ,What tricks should longboard skateboarders learn first?

Once you have properly learned the methods of skateboarding, such as balancing, rolling, pushing, stopping, turning and certainly falling, it is about time to begin learning a few new skateboard tricks. A skateboarding trick is a sort of movement done on a skateboard while you are skateboarding. Skateboarding tricks varies tremendously in difficulty. Practice is a very important when it comes to getting to know new skateboard tricks. Just don not give up and you will get them down in time. Be sure that you are using the right skateboard wheels for your tricks. There are particular tricks that each skater should at least attempt to conquer. These are generally the basic skateboard tricks, and are also a reliable starting point in case you are new to skateboarding, or perhaps even if you have been skating for some time, and are in search of what should be done next! Additionally, some skaters result in skipping whole kinds of basic skateboard tricks – that is actually OK, however if you wish to be a rounded skater, and not lose each single game of SKATEBOARDING just because you never figured out to truck stand, for instance, then this list is a wonderful place to obtain some ideas for important aspects to understand! If you want to learn the best way to achieve skateboard tricks which will shock and certainly amaze your friends, your answers are right here.

How to play the skateboard

1.Obstacle slip

Among the obstacle slip skills, quick stop and sharp turn are very important skills. When sliding down the slope, the speed is relatively fast, you must learn to use your feet to keep on the skateboard, and turn the skateboard to brake the horizontal stop to stop the movement. There are two ways to change the speed of the skateboard: First, use the hind foot to control the center of gravity and try to make the body lean forward to drive the skateboard forward; the second is to make the bang's flexible skateboard surface with both feet and use the elastic to slide forward. As long as you have mastered the balance as described above and have flexibility at your feet, you are mastering the technology of obstacle slipping. Hoverboard inUK

  1. skateboarding single rotation skills

The skater drives to the proper speed, lifts the front end of the skateboard, and makes a 360-degree rotation with the rear wheel. To master the balance of the body, try to keep the skateboard in the air for a long time. Grasp the front end of the skateboard with your hand and

hold the balance fulcrum so that the person and the skateboard rotate together. Then the back foot skates on one side of the skateboard, grabbing the skateboard with your hand, so that one wheel of the rear wheel is off the ground, at least two turns or more.

3.downhill slip Try to choose a longer slide, preferably with a fast down section, a medium speed down section, and a long-distance buffer section. This kind of slide is best for beginners to practice downhill slip. The technical focus of downhill slip is control, and speed is second. First learn to be smooth. When you are sliding downhill, place your feet on both ends of the skateboard. When you encounter a turn or need to do a crossover, move your feet to the center of the skateboard. The face and body should face straight ahead. The body crouched down, the thighs were close to the front chest, and both hands were extended.

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