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3 Points Final Fantasy XI’s Significant 20th Anniversary Surprise Could possibly be

If you are not caught up with all the newest Final Fantasy XI news, that is fair for the reason that it is an old game that lots of men and women fondly remember but don’t necessarily actively play and adhere to, allow me to catch you up.

Though it could be surprising for the casual observer to hear that FFXI Gil
includes a future at all, contemplating a lot of believed the game was on the way out after the discontinuing on the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions. If something, the opposite has come to fruition.And much more , you may verify out

Final Fantasy XI has been well supported because that move. It nevertheless receives frequent month-to-month updates which contain new battle content material from time for you to time, and it’s still preferred sufficient to carry a paid subscription.

Anyway, as a lengthy time fan due to the fact day among NA launch, in addition to a existing active subscriber, it got me considering what this large update could possibly be. Let’s dive into what I really feel would be the 3 most likely scenarios.

Final Fantasy XI Classic

Classic servers are all of the rage proper now inside the MMORPG community, especially seriously old ones like Final Fantasy XI. You will find lots of players in the FFXI community which have an interest in replaying the game, but the contemporary alterations along with the anxiety of feeling super far behind is usually a turn-off.

The truth is, a few of the most well-known private servers are proficiently level 75-era capped servers that go up through the game’s second expansion, Chains of Promathia or around there. 3 extra important expansions followed Chains of Promathia, and ultimately, the level cap was brought up to level 99.

Final Fantasy XI now would almost be unrecognizable to somebody that quit somewhere around the Chains of Promathia-era. I’d argue FFXI is just different now, it is worse in some approaches, but considerably improved off in other folks. But nevertheless change is scary, and some people just choose to experience the game as they don't forget it.

So, what greater send off for the game’s 20th anniversary than generating a server that restores the game back to the state exactly where most of its former fans bear in mind it. Six person EXP chain parties in Tu’Lia, hunting for Jailers in “sea,” kiting Kirin around, etc. the entire nine yards.

And who knows, men and women might come for the classic server, but end up sticking about to see what Final Fantasy XI is like now. The

only query will be if newer jobs like Blue Mage, Dancer, and Geomancer will be invited to this celebration, Seekers of Adoulin jobs especially are balanced for level 99 skills. Either way, a classic server on paper seems like a fairly good idea.

Some thing New That Forces Us to Explore

I do not know exactly how you can describe this a single, but essentially, I can see the developers wanting to add some thing substantial to the game that would force players to go on a world tour of Vana’diel.

From your starting city, all of the way through regions like Attohwa Chasm, Garlaige Citadel, maybe even the newer locations located in Seekers of Adoulin as well.

Something rewarding needless to say, to produce it worth the effort, but one thing also that pulls in the heartstrings of longtime players. A trip down memory lane in the event you will.

It could be something inventive like asking players to get a particular amount of levels in some old preferred EXP spots using a modified level sync function.

You may be asked to kill the Jailer of Love and Kirin or obtain all the strange apparatuses hidden all through a few of the older regions.

Stuff like that; primarily a huge quest that would let anybody that partook to retrace their most memorable footsteps in the final 20 years.

Gameplay Focused Expansion/Job Overhaul

I know persons would definitely get excited about a new, true expansion. It just doesn’t look incredibly most likely. It will be a major undertaking for such a modest team, and also the story was essentially wrapped up using the conclusion of Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, making a different story-based expansion kind of awkward.

Yeah certain, it is achievable to just add one thing that doesn’t actually have any effect on the big overarching story, however it just appears like a weird, and risky move.

I could, having said that, see anything that’s purely content-based. Adding new endgame activities, overhauling the way persons level/grind, huge job balance modifications to ultimately get job balance to a spot where everything is viable and wanted just after two decades of attempting.

Essentially, anything that would substantially enhance the quality of life, extend the game’s lifespan, construct hype for the players still at present invested, and possibly attract some new and returning players at the same time.

What do you consider the surprise might be? We've got a handful of years until that happens… so lots of time for you to guess! Let us know inside the comments below.
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