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Fortnite Overtime Challenges: How to Visit Distinct Waterfalls Challenge

Fortnite's overtime challenge are almostcoming to an end. Ahead of they end, players will have to track a few of the waterfalls within the map. To complete the overtime challenge, you'll need to check out seven different waterfalls in total, and there are actually only eight around the map, so it is not like that you are spoiled for selection.

Thankfully, the waterfalls are easy to spot on the map, but that could not make this challenge any significantly less of a chore - mainly because they're pretty spread out. In order to make your life a little bit a lot easier, we've got highlighted all the eight waterfall areas around the map below.

If you want to total this challenge as swiftly as you can, landing and clearing 1 side with the map (ie Wailing Woods and Paradise Palms) could be an concept, and then heading for the waterfalls close to Loot Lake and Polar Peak within the next match.

This was not the only new process added to the Overtime Challenges currently, but thanks to other individuals are extra simple:

Deal 500 damage to opponents with Shotguns or SMG's
Search 7 chests or ammo boxes in the Block
Place leading 10 in Squads having a buddy 3 instances

Finishing 13 of these challenges will reward players having a entirely no cost battle pass for Season 8, so even if you aren't serious about XP rewards, you will discover great factors for to get them carried out. Purchase Fortnite Items to complete the Overtime Challenges now!


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