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How you can Play Final Fantasy XIV totally free

For players in Final Fantasy XIV, there's still lots of perform to accomplish, such as checking out all the patch 4.5 notes and unlocking the new Blue Mage restricted job class. Of course, you will need the game Gold to actually do these things. That is why some players would like to know the Final Fantasy XIV free of charge to play version. Can you play it free of charge?

Within this FFXIV guide, we will discuss whether you can play Final Fantasy XIV free of charge. Right after all, most players understand that subscriptions are related to the game in some way. All in all, newcomers to MMORPGs might be truly confused. Devoid of additional ado, let us break down anything you'll want to know.

Final Fantasy XIV's No cost to Play Version

At the moment, at the time of publishing, Final Fantasy XIV usually needs a subscription to play. Having said that, technically, you will get and play a version free of charge on both PC and PS4 at this time. The main caveat is that you can't use the account you already personal, so it have to be brand new. This need to not be a problem for newcomers, even though.

All you need to do is download the absolutely free Pc version should you be around the computer or the free of charge trial game when you are on PS4. Each function exactly the same way. Provided that you need no time limit, you'll be able to play the game and a few of its most important story. Having said that, the existing level limit is 35, which can be half on the existing level cap of 70.

You might have other restrictions also, for instance selling on the market board and so on. Anyway, you are able to still check out most classes up to level 35 on a single character, which is pretty amazing. We completely count on (but can't guarantee) this level restriction to rise to 50 or so when the third expansion, Shadowbringers, launches this summer season.

To be able to superior expertise the game, you may also buy FFXIV Gil on line in advance prior to you log in.
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