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NBA2K19 Update 6 Patch Notes

On Monday (November 19th), 2K Sports brought a different update - the sixth patch to NBA 2K19 MT Coins. The latest patch, which attributes updates for gameplay, MyCAREER, Neighborhood, Pro-Am, MyTEAM, MyGM and MyLEAGUE aspects of the game. Right here will be the full patch notes on the NBA2K19 Update 6.


Fixed a problem that triggered the final league trophy and 'Perfection' achievement to not unlock for some customers in Play Now Online.
Fixed a problem in Play Now Online where the wrong user might be credited using the win, in incredibly rare occasions.
Updated roster images for traded players.


The shot clock should now correctly reset to 14 seconds during on the web games when a foul is named and the shot clock is low.
Enhanced AI defensive switch logic for inbounds and choose & roll cases.
Fixed an issue that brought on pass steal attempts to be ignored when pressing Steal too many times.
Address a hang that would occur for some users following an in-game injury.


Fixed an issue exactly where some customers were reporting that they were not earning VC for completed Neighborhood games after exiting the Ante-Up building.
Addressed a case exactly where some users noted a neck seam around their MyPLAYER's shoulders when using a face scan.
Fixed a problem exactly where Voice was not properly functioning when in the squad queue in Ante-Up.
Squad travelling should really now properly work when using the Subway.
Improved ball pickup radius when playing Dodgeball.


Fixed a bug where opposing players would sometimes show in the Pro-Am Shootaround before the game.
Matchmaking improvements.


Customers now have an option to mute their opponent when playing Triple Threat Online.


Alternate uniforms ought to now effectively upload/download when sharing team designs.
Fixed a problem where hot zones and some tendencies (e.g. Shot Under Basket) could progress irregularly, in certain conditions, during the offseason.
Addressed a case where Advanced Rotation settings would reset to default when entering the Advanced Rotations menu for a team that had previously been assigned custom values.
Stability improvements for MyLEAGUE Online.

Many other minor bug fixes and adjustments have also been made within the game wide. Please note that all patch fixes are available for your existing game mode saves. Buy mt nba 2k19 and play the game now!

What other issues do you want to be fixed in NBA 2K19? If there are a lot of gamers complaining about the issues, 2K Sports may finally work these into their next NBA 2K19 update.
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