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The Impact Of The Music On The Casino Player

A game might have all the eye-candy on three galaxies and enough featured action to kill a war-horse. However, with substandard audio, it will not get the kind of rep it deserves.

Music is a quite important but oft-neglected part of making any successful game, such as those found in online casinos. When well utilized, it can positively impact on players’ enjoyment and boost playability.

As proof of the above, there’s the classic slot called Danger High Voltage, which is heavily influenced by the music band known as Electric Six. Unsurprisingly, the game is rather popular, due in large part to the audio effects it offers. Both brick-and-mortar casinos and their online versions like the have therefore come to depend on in-game audio effects to amp up players and so boost the accruable revenues.

If you are still wondering just how music can influence your in-game actions and impact on your psychology as you are trying to rack up wins, read on and see how that happens.

Atmosphere Moulding- Music has a well-deserved rep for setting the mood of hearers. As an example, picture yourself sashaying into a bar or nightclub, where the bass-heavy beats are turned up to an ear-melting volume. This, of course, gets the heart pumping madly and the body starts getting loose in preparation for some dance floor action. Much the same thing happens when you start up a game in the Jackpot Mobile Casino, with the featured audio helping give flesh to the game theme and atmosphere.

Thus, a fast-paced game might have equally fast-paced music that sounds like a horse running from some chasing bees, while a relaxed game will boast a soothing, mellow rhythm you could pound sand with! The musical effects found in casino games are barely noticeable to most players. They do however perk up and can get quite irritated when there’s a definite dissonance, with the wrong kind of music being played at the wrong places and times. The developers of casino games, therefore, have a responsibility to endow their products with the right audio effects at the right gaming moments, failing which their games will in all probability not do as well as they should on the market.

Moulding Turnover & Betting Habits- With the right audio, casinos can effectively mould the habits of their players and ramp up their turnover. Imagine a well-appointed casino resort with soothing beats on hand. This relaxing atmosphere effectively encourages players to stay and bet leisurely, with this being ideal for those gamblers playing long duration casino games.
In contrast, fast-paced or upbeat audio effects on a casino floor have been proven to provoke erratic behaviours in gamblers and as well make them bet much more frequently. With this in mind, casinos that want to speed up the action and get a better turnover rate at the roulette tables might want to play something that’s much more frantic.

Most players today totally lack cognizance of the effects that the background audio found in casinos influences their behaviour. Or if told as much likely to just dismiss it as nonsense.
Still, proof of the influence that music exerts on players' behaviour is solid and casinos should consider tweaking their featured audio effects to match up with their aim and objectives.

Music And Audio Effects- apart from the playing of carefully calculated music, players in any casino are also influenced in large measure by the sights and sounds found therein. This includes the almost mesmerizing sounds that coins make as a machine pays out wins, as well as alarms, the tinkling of bells and all manner of flashing lights. All these serve to convince casino players that a win has just occurred and push them to play and get their own payout too.
The same principle is applicable on online casino games featured on online casinos like the Jackpot Mobile Casino. In such online casinos, the audio effects, aided by the lush videos and animations serve to convince players that they are in an actual casino and to bet big in the hope of scooping up fortunes.

Music has an overwhelming power to make or mar, soothe or enrage, elevate or depress, across a wide range of mediums and settings- slots, video games, TV, casino games, movies and more. Frequently underestimated, music has all the power needed to shape people’s attitude and behaviour. With that in mind, casinos should endeavour to be selective about the kind of music they use, both in their games and on the casino floor.

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